How To Report

Not everyone who experiences harassment will want to report, for various reasons. And that’s okay. Hollaback Vegas believes that no one should ever be pressured or coerced into reporting, as this pressure can be re-victimizing.

But for some, the act of reporting can be empowering. So to help those folks who choose to report with the process, we pulled together these wonderful resources. If you have questions, or you would like assistance in reporting harassment, please contact us via email at [email protected]


Nevada Laws

Did your harasser break the law when they harassed you? Take a look at the following blog posts to find out about the Nevada laws which may cover certain types of harassment. The information in these posts was pulled from the Know Your Rights toolkit created by Stop Street Harassment.

Verbal Harassment Laws Pt 1 of 3

Verbal Harassment Laws Pt 2 of 3

Verbal Harassment Laws Pt 3 of 3

Laws on Groping, Indecent Exposure, and Photos

Laws on Stalking and Hate Crimes

If your harasser did break the law and you choose to report to police, here are the phone numbers for the local police jurisdictions that you can use to file your police report.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept (702) 828-3111

Boulder City Police Dept (702) 293-9224

Henderson Police Dept (702) 565-8933

North Las Vegas Police Dept (702) 633-9111


Tips for Reporting

Geek Feminism Wiki assembled this amazing guide on how to report harassment which includes guidance on what kind of details your report should include, ideas for actions you could request, and even a template you could use to write an email or letter.


What if I’m Being Harassed At School?

The Rape Crisis Center has a School-Based Advocate who works with students needing assistance dealing with various types of violence. If you are being harassed by a fellow student, a teacher, someone who works at your school, or someone who is present on your route to and from school, you can contact this advocate to learn about your options and get assistance with reporting and safety planning. The advocate’s services are confidential and can be accessed without parental assistance. You can contact the advocate, Lisa Ferriolo, at The Rape Crisis Center office 702-385-2153 or by email [email protected]