Discrimination and Comments Policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Replacing sexism with racism is not a proper holla back. The same thing goes for classism, homophobia, transphobia, and the usage of any other identity signifier. There is no one face to those who experience street harassment – it crosses over into every wealth bracket and every culture of society. So here’s the thing – we ask that you refrain from referencing the attributes of your harasser. We don’t want to police you or alter your story but we do want to make it clear that this movement is about changing societal values, not pointing fingers. If you feel those details are important to your story, please make sure its relevance is explained clearly and constructively in your post.

Comments Policy

We believe that you talking about your experience is an act of strength and bravery. We admire every single person who gains the strength to do it, and we want their experience to be 100% empowering. Too often, survivors of sexual violence do not get the respect they deserve. That culture stops here, with our short & badass comments policy.
1. No woulda coulda shoulda. Hold on to any advice you have for what the person should have done in the situation to yourself. Don’t just hold on to it – keep it to yourself. We totally get that you want to help them but street harassment has a way of making a person feel doubtful and scared. They don’t need your encouragement. They just need you to have their back.

2. No hater language. We’re not going to tolerate any comments that follow along the lines of ‘you were asking for it’ or ‘you’re a whore/slut/idiot/bitch/fag’. Any derogatory language and you’re out of here, buddy. We’re not listening to or posting that mess.

3. Debate ideas, not people’s lives. We love to talk about ideas! Our site leaders will be putting up articles, videos, and even their own opinions on things that float around the net. If we post an idea or a concept on the site that you don’t like, tell us about it. If we post a someone’s personal experience on the site that you don’t like, too bad. We think they’re awesome.