Hollaback! Collective Statement on Brexit Vote

Although we are based in the U.S., our support is still important.  An important letter regarding Brexit harassment in Europe:

“On the 23rd of June 2016, the British public voted in favour of the UK leaving the European Union.  Since then, there has been a growing sense of discomfort among migrants and BAME communities in the UK, both due to political uncertainty and a rise in racist/xenophobic attacks.  Additionally, conservative and far right movements across Europe have been emboldened by the Brexit result, and have become more vocal in their anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric.

In the light of the recent Brexit vote, a collective of Hollaback! sites are coming together to stand against the racialized and xenophobic violence, discrimination, and harassment that are a daily reality for individuals both in the UK and across Europe.

We stand against the anti-immigration policies that limit equal access to public space.  We believe that we are all entitled to walk to and from work, go to school, and access services as our full selves without facing harassment-whether on the street, onlince, or through governmenet policies and rhetoric.

We invite you to share your story, along with your calls to action. Here are some ways to do that safely.

For allies, if you see racialized or xenophobic harassment, stand up and intervene.

For those who face this violence everyday, we hear you and we support you.  We will work alongside you to fight for equal access to public spaces –  and we will make sure that all of our stories are heard.  We also acknowledge that this discrimination has not sprung up overnight with the Brexit vote.  There is a long history of people standing up against it.  We stand with you, today and all days.”


Hollaback! Headquarters

Hollaback! London Collective

Hollaback! Cuenca (Ecuador)

Hollaback! Edinburgh

Hollaback! Oxford

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