Looking Back: Our First International Anti-Street Harassment Week

Well, International Anti-Street Harassment 2015 has drawn to a close and we had amazing success in our first year participating in this global event to stop street harassment. We held 3 chalk walks and 1 self-defense class to mark the occasion, our biggest amount of activity since our launch last December. Our aim was just to start getting the word out in Las Vegas that, first, street harassment is a problem and second, Hollaback Vegas is here to fight it. We think we did a pretty good job…


On Monday, we had a chalk walk in front of The Gay and Lesbian Community Center


Several people stopped to participate in chalking on their way in and out of The Center, including Andre Wade, Director of Operations, who helped us arrange the event


And Hektor Esparza, Youth and Cultural Resource Specialist, who is a huge supporter of our team of youth volunteers here at Hollaback Vegas.


We are so happy that we were able to partner with The Center for this event, and look forward to continuing to work with them to address the issue of street harassment of LGBTQ folks.




Tuesday took us to the Free Speech Zone on the campus of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. There, armed with a stack of small traffic cones to protect us from passing golf cart and skateboard traffic, we chalked up a storm. We were joined by two of the amazing CARE Advocates, who provide anti-violence advocacy through a 24-hotline and education for students through on campus presentations, from the Jean Neiditch Women’s Center.


 A few students who were set up in the Free Speech Zone working on their own projected jumped in to join us, adding their own feelings about street harassment to the pavement



 Ultimately, this chalk walk was cut about an hour short by the extremely intense wind (gusts were reaching 50 miles an hour at our airport by the evening) But still, we think it was a great success. Special thanks to the UNLV Events Office and the Jean Neiditch Women’s Center for helping to make this chalk walk possible.

Rebels Against Street Harassment



On Friday, we took our chalk walking show on the road to The Container Park in downtown Las Vegas.


 There, we had the biggest number of passersby stop to join in, including a few groups of students from the nearby Las Vegas Academy!

CP16small CP35small



Finally, we wrapped up the week with a free two-hour self-defense class provided by Israeli Martial Arts in Henderson.


There, the instructors took us through a variety of moves to break an attacker’s hold, strike an attacker, and disarm and attacker. Our small group of attendees left feeling strong and empowered to protect themselves in situations where harassment might escalate to violence.

SD4small SD8small SD22small


Our thanks to our partners who made these events possible as well as to the members of the Las Vegas community who joined in to show their support for the movement!

If you’d like to see more photos from the events, visit our Facebook page. Follow us there or on Twitter to keep up-to-date on Hollaback Vegas news and events, which you’ll want to do because we have something extra special planned for the end of May. Stay tuned!


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