Know Your Rights

Did you know that there are 15 laws in Nevada that apply to street harassment behaviors? We didn’t either, until we discovered an amazing resource created by Stop Street Harassment  called Know Your Rights.


We wanted to share this knowledge with you, so in honor of International Anti-Street Harassment Week  we’re kicking off a series of blog posts on these laws. Hollaback Vegas wants to arm everyone with the knowledge of what is and isn’t legal here in the state of Nevada so that you know how the law protects you when you encounter harassers.


Check back every day this week to learn a little more about Nevada law and street harassment.


Special thanks to Stop Street Harassment for making this blog series possible. By compiling their guide, they gave us the inspiration for this blog series, as well as providing a base of information for us to work from.


Since we will be sharing with you the different laws that can be used to fight back against harassers, here is Stop Street Harassment’s guidance on how to report a crime, with a few additions from us!


  • Call 911 for help if:
    • The crime is in progress
    • You or someone else is physically hurt or have been threatened with physical violence
    • You can provide information about who may have committed a crime.
  • Cal 311 in all other situations, and be prepared to provide the following info:
    • The date and time of the crime
    • The location of the crime (street location, store location, bus line or bus stop, park name, etc)
    • Your name and contact information
    • A description of what happened
    • The name and contact of witnesses if you spoke to any
    • It can help if you include the law that the crime falls under (which we will be sharing all week) but if you’re not sure what law the situation falls under then law enforcement or the DA’s office can determine the appropriate charges
    • A description of the harassers
  • You can also submit anonymous tips about criminal activity through Crime Stoppers of Nevada via phone, text, or online form here
    • Be aware that Crime Stoppers of Nevada is NOT a law enforcement agency and submitting a tip to them is not the same as filing a police report and that there is no guarantee that law enforcement will act on the tip.


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